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Connecting to your test plan:
  1. Launch the MTM Test Plan Viewer
    • InitialPage.png
  2. Select your server, team project and plan
    • SelectProject.png
    • SelectPlan.PNG

  1. The tree view on the left shows your test plan structure
  2. The grid on the right shows the list of tests associated with what you selected in the tree view
    1. You can select a single test point or test suite in the tree view
    2. If you select a suite test points associated with that suite and it's decants will be included in the grid
    3. The grid can be sorted, resized and the reordered

  1. Click the refresh button to update the entire plan
    • Refresh.png
  2. Right click the suite or test point you want updated
    • UpdatedAndExport.PNG

  1. Click the save button to save the entire test plan
    • Save.png
  2. Right click the suite and click Export to Excel
    • UpdatedAndExport.PNG

Switch plan:
  1. Click the switch plan button to change test plans
    • Switch.png

  1. Larger plans can take a long time to load, while loading the you will see a spinner in the lower left hand corner
    • Updating.PNG
  2. The lower right displays the last time the test plan was queried
    • LastUpdated.PNG

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